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last updated: January 21, 2019
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The New Points System
Manteca Men's Golf Club
Starting January 2019

A new points system was introduced and accepted per club rules. This points system will start for the Calendar year of 2019 and is based on the full field events.  The top 20 players on the points list will play in a FedX style Tournament "Cup Chamionship" in January where the points are reassigned for the top 20 players and then the points they win are added to their total. 

The new points system incorporates participation with Tournament results.  Points are given for participation in the scheduled tournaments and points are given for the top finishers in the events. 

For full details click here

General information: you get 5 points for playing in a full field event and 10 points to 1 point for placing in an individual event.  Major events will be given a higher number of points.  Team events will split the points given.

The Officers, Board of Directors and the members want to encourage a system that promotes more play and a system that allows a final Tournament where all players involved will have a chance to be player of the Year.

The clubs three (3) Major Championship Tournaments are Match Play, Par Point and the Stroke Play.

The Manteca Men's Golf Club changes monthly business meeting day, again!

At the meeting on January 18, 2018 the members that attended the meeting decided to change
the monthly meeting back to the 3rd Tuesday of the month instead of meeting on the 3rd
Wednesday.  This also means that the 9 hole fun tournaments (Played during daylight savings time)
before the meeting will also be change to Tuesday.  We hope that this meets your schedule and
you can join us for our meetings.

Ever wonder how your course handicap is determined?
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Manteca Park Golf Club
February 23, 2019

Format:4 man team taking 2 scores on each hole using 90 % of your February 15th Handicap.  Your handicap for golf
tournaments will be the lower of the following; your
current index, or your second lowest tournament
score that shows in the GHIN system
(Manteca Golf Club Tournament Handicap).

Tees:White Tees                                                      

Rules:             U.S.G.A. rules of golf govern all play.                                                         
     LOCAL RULES are located on the back of this paper only.

Closest to Pin:17, only 1 spot pays $20                                                                        

Prize Fund:Top 30-35% of the field will win “money on the books”                                   

Pace of Play:      The Manteca Park Golf Club Pace of Play Policy will be                             
                enforced.  Please keep up with the group in front of you.                             

           Electronic Measuring:    Are permitted as long as they only calculate distance, not             
wind or terrain grade.             

Tournament Committee: JEFF DEBENEDETTI & BRENT BECK                      

Click here for Manteca Park Golf Course Local Rules