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305 N. Union Road
Manteca, Ca. 95337
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last updated: August 29, 2015
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Our Objectives:

1. To work for the preservation and betterment of the Manteca Men's Golf Club.

2. To organize, promote and direct tournaments and other competitive play and creating good fellowship on
    the Manteca Men's Golf Club.

3. To cooperate with the Municipal Authorities of the City of Manteca in the development and improvement
    of the Municipal Golf Course, and to secure such discipline and courtesy in connection therewith as will
    best harmonize individually with public interest.

4. To furnish to players, through their membership in the Manteca Men's Golf Club, the opportunity to
    participate in Tournaments held by Golf Associations and other organizations.

5. It is desired to promote friendship and social activities among the members.

6. To assist in promoting Junior golf Programs.

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