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February 16, 2016 at 6:30 PM

February 2016
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Two Player Best Ball ZONE QUALIFIER
Feb. 7, 2016
Men's Club Dinner 

Happy New Year Golfers!

It’s early in the 2016 golf season, but what a great start we have. Mother Nature is providing us with rain and the weather hasn’t been that bad. We’ve still been able to get out and work on our game. So where do you stand today with your game and where to you want to go with it?

The professional golfers are already in full swing with multiple tournaments under their belt. Presently they are on the west coast. This month they have the Pebble Beach 
Pro-Am in Monterey. If you haven’t been to a tournament, this would be a great opportunity to see some of today’s bright stars and veterans. It’s right in our back yard.

When I watch golf on television I get an idea of what they do, but when you’re on the grounds, right up close and personal, you really get an understanding of how they perform. I know we can all benefit from watching professional golfers.

Take the time this month and put together a game plan. The professionals do. So can you.
Success breeds success. Watch and learn from everyone and everything around you and your disposal.

 Remember as always, enjoy and have fun. See you on the links………..

Steve Mills

P.S. – Men’s Club meeting – February 16, 2016
  Manteca Golf Course 
  6:30 pm